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daydreambeliever28: "I LOVE your Georgie and Dillon gif! They are what made me love GH. Do you have any posts of them on here?"

Hiiiii! ♥ Thanks so much, my GQ ♥ I ran across a MB for them and that’s how i started watching gh again, I love them so much. I don’t have any GQ posts yet but i’m re-watching 2005 so i’ll be sure to post some more :)

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ELIZABETH: I miss him so much
JASON: I hope you can hear us Jake, I hope you can feel how much we love you.


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I hope you can hear us, Jake. Just hope you can feel how much we love you.

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evarenee: "sorry to bother you but can you make me some animations of when mac had to take maxie to the hospital? if not that is ok loving your john & sam animations amazing work sweetie xoxo"

I can make those I just have other requests first :) I really wish I could take credit for those amazing mcbam gifs but those are all 


Since you’re a really big sam/kelly fan you should follow these







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Sam: I know you, don’t i? 
John: I don’t think we’ve ever met
Sam: I-I recognized you, Something about your eyes
Maybe i remind you of someone
that’s not it, I’m having the weirdest Deja Vu right now, it’slike are you sure we haven’t met somewhere
John: My name is John Mcbain 
Sam: No, No that’s not it
John: I’m pretty sure that’s my name, You can check my drivers licences
Sam: No no, that’s not it,  I- I don’t know any John McBain, but i’m sure that i know you
John: There was an incident at the courthouse my face ended up in the paper maybe that’s …
Sam: Yeah, maybe
John: You ok? 
Sam: No. I think i just lost my Husband


Sam: Do you ever think that it’s ok to lie?, I mean just to  - to Spare a life, to save someone pain. are those good enough reasons
John: I might be the wrong guy to ask
Sam: Because i lied to my Husband about something really important but i only did it to protect him and our child 
John: Wow, sounds errily familiar. 
Sam: You wife lied to you? 
Yes, Well No she wasn’t my wife at the time but she did lie, She used the same Reason that she was protecting me and our child
Sam: Will what happened ?
John: Tore me up pretty good, when i found out it was like a stake through the heart.

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i don’t know how to watch a show and not ship things

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